Wedding trends for 2010!

What are the trends for 2010?

As a wedding planner I am seeing bride’s focus on being “green” and money conscious with the state of the economy. Bride’s are designing and printing their invitations and leaning more towards DIY favors and centerpieces.

Pastels and light colors are taking a backseat to jewel tones. Bright and bold is the new style! New color combinations such as grey with yellow or turquoise and teal with purple or coral hues are now popular.

Backyard weddings are a big hit with bride’s! Smaller, intimate settings are perfect for personalizing your wedding. It’s all about going back to basics and making your wedding more personal for you and your family and friends.

I love seeing all of the new trends as each season comes about. If you aren’t sure of what colors, style, flowers, setting you are wanting; I can help guide you to making your wedding day the perfect one for you and your fiance. Being budget-minded myself, I lend my advice to all of the bride’s I work with so they are able to work within their budget or less.

Planning your wedding can be great fun! It doesn’t have to be stressful. Book with vendors you can trust and want to make your dream, a reality!

Allie & Ryan beach wedding

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