Wedding Day Timeline

So many brides, grooms, mothers and even other wedding vendors ask me how their wedding day will flow. There is a “typical” timeline for a wedding reception. However, every couple is different and events can be rearranged to suit your personal style. One trend I am noticing is the cake cutting occuring almost immediately after dinner rather than during the last half of the reception. With every bride and groom I work with, I supply them and all of the vendors a timeline. The key to every reception and timeline is to be flexible. Your ceremony may not start precisely on time or toasts may take a little longer than you planned (especially when Aunt Mary gets started on the “she was such a sweet baby” stories). Don’t worry! You always recover time. Enjoy your wedding day…it goes by faster than you think.

6:30                        Ceremony begins

6:50                        Ceremony ends

7:00                        Cocktail hour

7:00                        Professional pictures

7:45                        Bridal Party Announcements

7:55                        First Dance

8:00                        Dinner

8:40                        Champagne Toasts

9:00                        Cake

9:15                        Bride/Father Dance

9:20                        Groom/Mother Dance

9:25                        Dance

10:00                        Bouquet toss

10:15                        Garter

10:30                        Dance

11:15                        Last Dance

11:30                        Exit

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