Wedding Bells in the Offing – Weddings in Florida

When you have decided on a destination wedding, Florida can be a great venue. The white, sandy beaches and tropical climate, coupled with breathtaking views of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico will certainly make a wedding in Florida an affair to remember, both for the wedded couple and their family and guests. There is a great deal of options available, and there are many event coordinators available to help you plan your wedding.  Whether you choose a formal wedding or an informal one, there are options available for all kinds of tastes and budgets – something that has made Florida weddings the most popular kind.

Here are some of the wedding opportunities in Florida:

Beach Wedding – With miles and miles of scenic coastline and ocean vistas , a wedding with a beach setting and theme is probably one of the most popular choices available for couples wishing to get married in Florida. There are plenty of options available even in the beach wedding – you have barefoot weddings, weddings scheduled at sunset or sunrise and you even have a wedding on water. Florida is the only state with a floating chapel for those who want to get married on water. The choice of decorations for the venue and the wedding cake is invariably based on shells and flowers. The wide choice in venues makes this type of wedding a favored one. In addition, there are personalized services on offer in addition to options for exchanging vows in the local tradition.

Resort Weddings – With the large numbers of resorts, weddings in Florida have only got easier to arrange. Resorts offer wedding packages with several options such as green weddings in which services are held in an eco-friendly manner in natural habitats, garden weddings and of course, the ubiquitous beach wedding. Such events are usually popular in the Florida Keys, the Panhandle and Southwest Florida, but there are resorts available all over Florida and you can have a wedding in the resort of your choice. Most resorts throw in a complimentary stay at the honeymoon suite for the newlyweds. There are resort weddings to suit all kinds of budgets and you need to look into what exactly you are going to get for the money that you pay before selecting a package.

Disney Weddings – When you are considering a wedding in Florida, can Walt Disney world stay out of your list? Yes – you can get married at the wedding pavilion in Walt Disney World or at one of the hotels or resorts run by the Walt Disney Corporation. There are beach, spa, resort and garden weddings in Florida on offer, with the guarantee of having a fairy tale wedding arranged for you down to the last detail.

Once you have your mind set on a wedding in Florida, you just need to choose one of the wedding planners operating in Florida to get started on planning your dream wedding – formal or informal, on water or on land. You can get married luau-style too, if you so wish!

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