Groom's Wedding Duties

Everyone involved in the wedding planning process tends to forget a very important person…the groom! We all focus on the bride and details however, the groom should have some opinion…it’s his big day too! There are many times I, as a Central Florida wedding planner, have not met the groom until the day of the wedding. I love working with both the bride and groom, knowing them as a couple and knowing their likes and dislikes for their special day. Here are some duties for the groom-to-be…

Groom in black tux

  • Choosing your side of the wedding party-best man, groomsmen and ushers
  • Deciding on attire-with keeping with the wedding’s style
  • Choosing wedding bands together
  • Selecting and purchasing wedding gifts for the bride and his wedding party
  • Arranging for and purchasing the marriage license-check out your county’s website for more information.
  • Planning the honeymoon-unless you are planning a surprise and your bride-to-be is ok with this I advise you do this together.
  • Compiling your guest list
  • Arranging transportation
  • The Gift Registry-many guy’s dread this, but I promise it can be fun! These days couples are registering for anything and everything; including tools, electronics, entertainment and sports equipment. It’s like free shopping…who doesn’t like free?
  • Go to as many vendor meetings with your bride-to-be as possible. She does want your opinion! Especially food and the bar.
  • Making toast at the rehearsal dinner
  • Have fun!
  • Dance with your bride!

Hands & rings engagement pics

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